General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)

From 1st September 2021, all GP practices will be required to supply patients’ medical information, on a regular and continuous basis, to NHS Digital – a project known as GPDPR.

GP practices have no choice other than to allow NHS Digital to extract this information which NHS Digital intend to use for planning health services, commissioning, population health management and research. These are known as secondary uses of your medical records.

Although GP practices cannot prevent this information leaving the practice, individuals and their families can by opting out. This involves registering an objection at the practice to all secondary uses of your personal identifiable data.

This is known as a Type 1 opt-out and does not affect your direct medical care in any way. We believe that sharing information with health professionals is in your best interests so, unless you have already asked us not to, we will continue to share your records with local and regional organisations who are involved in your medical care; your Summary Care Record will not be affected.

Please complete this form if you wish to register a Type 1 opt-out at the practice.

National Data Opt-out

The Type 1 opt-out only applies for records from a GP practice. If you do not wish your information from all other organisations providing NHS-funded care to be used for secondary purposes, you should register a National Data opt-out. This cannot be done by a GP practice but patients over 13 years of age can set their preference via the official website, by phoning 0300 303 5678 or by using the NHS App.

To read more about GPDPR and your options please visit General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) – NHS Digital

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